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About us

ARTE is a space for anyone who needs to use a professional kitchen for a limited time. Food professionals, cooks, cookery teachers, those who just love the art of cooking: everyone can make use of this fully equipped facility which is like the kitchen of a real restaurant.

Even those who simply want to show off their own culinary skills by setting up a super dinner for friends or colleagues or those who want to spend a day cooking together.

There are many reasons that can prompt your desire to be able to use a real professional kitchen, but due to high costs there is almost no chance of fulfilling this desire, unless you work in a restaurant. For all those who cultivate this dream, or this need, today there is the answer.

It is in Colle Val d’Elsa, a city easily reachable from every part of Tuscany, even by public transport.

In a large airy and bright room, in addition to the six-burner stove, all the necessary accessories, from refrigerators to the washing area, small domestic appliances, cutlery and other furnishings, a wood-burning oven and two electric ovens are also available to make bread and pizza according to tradition. In short, the only things missing here are the ingredients and the hands of the chef and the pizza maker.