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Cooking school

Cooking schools, whether for vocational training or other types, can find the answer to their needs in the ARTE space.
The venue can hold up to a maximum of 12 people at a time. In addition to the possibility of actively participating in the preparation and cooking of food, the venue is also equipped with tables and chairs where participants can sit comfortably and take notes on the lesson. The same tables where once learning is completed, you can enjoy consuming what you have made yourself.

Explain your requirements to us, and for an estimate of the costs…

Anyone wishing to organize a course to teach cooking, from any kind of dishes to pastry making, will find in ARTE what is right for them. A professional equipped kitchen, an organized space with areas for cooking, washing and refrigeration, a large work surface, as well as a table where 12 people can sit and enjoy the day’s work.

Groups wishing to explore certain culinary themes can also ask the chef, whom we will make available, according to different needs, by choosing from our network of contacts.

The training course allows you to reach a broad and solid preparation in the world of catering.

A course focused on the fundamental techniques of cooking and the notions essential for a very first approach to culinary art.

You will learn how to prepare appetizers, first and second courses based on fish.

Even the simplest dish can be transformed into a gourmet one.

Complicity and romance come to the kitchen.

A course to learn how to prepare fresh pasta and combine it with the right ingredients.

A course created to learn the correct pairing of wines and dishes.

You will learn how to prepare easy, fast, fresh and tasty desserts.

A course that will reveal all the secrets about pastry and tarts.

Discovering Campanian cuisine with ingredients and its traditional recipes.

A course to learn how to cook delicious meat dishes.

Meetings that will bring you closer to the art of the small patisserie.

A course focused on natural, healthy and tasty cuisine.

An ideal course for those who cook with passion and fun.

Photos of our cooking school