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corso di pizza e pinsa romana

Pizzeria school

ARTE has at heart the professional training of pizza chefs and all those who intend to undertake this activity. In fact, the goal of the ARTE space is to train pizza chefs to be able to meet the needs of any pizzeria. In this regard, we offer a course with a qualification thinking about the real job opportunities and the real needs of the sector. The course is divided into a theoretical part, a practical part and the possibility of acquiring the HACCP certificate.

Practice in the laboratory

The practice is carried out in equipped laboratories, prepared for every need and provided with the necessary tools for the preparation of pizzas.

We guarantee aspiring pizza chefs the achievement of various objectives including: the ability to manage their own workplace, the acquisition of the working method and the fundamental rules of behaviour within a group.

In addition, there is the possibility of individual participation in the course at an agreed time depending on the student’s commitments and circumstances.

The practice focuses on:

  • The various types of dough (also gluten-free)
  • The portioning of the loaves
  • Techniques for making the ball
  • The stretching of the disc
  • Stretching by hand for flat pizza with different stretching techniques
  • Stretching with a rolling pin for plate pizza
  • Stretching with a rolling pin for pan pizza
  • Different types of pizza (we will deal with the different types of pizza region by region: Neapolitan Pizza, Tuscan Pizza, Sicilian Pizza….)
  • The ingredients for the filling
  • The fillings of the pizzas
  • Fried pizzas, classic pizzas, pizzas by the meter, paddle pizzas, pizza in a baking tin, neapolitan pizza
  • Cooking pizza in a wood oven
  • Cooking pizza in the electric oven
  • Use of shovels and work tools
  • Techniques for baking, including the traditional technique with the wooden shovel


The course guarantees the possibility of obtaining the HACCP certificate (which replaces the old health book) via the internet. The certificate is essential to be able to start working immediately.


The theory is fundamental to know all the ingredients that are used in the preparation of the dough: flour, water, oil, yeast, salt … The necessary knowledge about ovens, machinery, ingredients and cooking times is also provided. We will also focus on how the doughs are made with various types of kneading machines such as: fork, spiral and with dipping arms.

Duration of the course and method of payment

The duration of the course is 300 hours of which 30 of theory and the remaining 270 of practice (internships) which will take place during the lunch and dinner service in two different pizzerias in the province of Siena. The location of the internship activities will be communicated during the attendance.

The course is limited in number with the possibility of hosting a maximum of 2 participants or individually.

The total cost is € 2,500 and can be paid as follows:

  • € 1,500 upon registration.
  • The remaining collection will be paid in two other instalments by the end of the course.
  • The remaining 1000 € can be paid in 2 instalments by the end of the course.

ARTE guarantees 100% a job within 2 months throughout the whole country to really motivated and efficient people.

What are you waiting for? You too can join ARTE. Finally achieve the job of your dreams, undertake your personal and professional growth.

“Even the worst situations improve with a good pizza.”
– Ryan Reynolds

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